We are a big church, but that doesn’t mean you are not important. Dozens of Growth Groups meet during the week in proximity to our different campuses. In these groups you will meet new people, form new long lasting friendships, you will get closer to God and find practical answers for your daily life.

What are “Growth Groups”?

Growth Groups are gatherings of 12-15 people who meet on a weekly basis. These gatherings are focused on the Word of God and the main goal is to experience growth in every aspect of our lives.

What kind of “Growth Groups” do you have?

As a church we focus on families, therefore our groups are designed to fulfill the spiritual and social needs of every family member.

We have:

  1. Adults Groups
    1. Groups for men only
    2. Groups for women only
    3. Groups for married couples
  2. Youth Groups
    1. Groups for Young Adults (25-35 years old, single or married without children)
    2. Groups for Teenagers and College Kids (12-25 years old, single)
  3. Children’s Groups (5-11 years old)

How do I join a Growth Group?

  1. 1. Register at the Welcome Center in the lobby before or after worship.
  2. 2. Call our central office during business hours. 516-546-8201.